Our story

The concept of NAPS was born out of a desire to find sustainable bedding that could be made in custom sizes. During quarantine, when we were all forced to spend a lot more time inside our homes, our founder Kate realised she needed some new bedding and started to search online for the perfect set. What she found was a little disappointing, there were no options that suited everything she needed. Sustainability and ethical production was important, as was the option to have custom sizes created for her bed.

Kate remembered her Grandma’s linen bedding that she has had for over 50 years, and the seed for NAPS was planted. Why not make linen bedding the next modern heirloom? Now our goal is to create bed linen with a difference that will stand the test of time - we want our products to last a lifetime and for you to be able to pass them on to the next generations.

Kate is a huge sleep and nap lover, so the bedroom is the central part of her home. We spend so much time in our beds but often our beds are neglected and bedding becomes an afterthought. Kate believes you should care about your bedding as much as you care about your clothes - and we’re here to help you do just that.