• [sample sale] natural hemp bedding
  • [sample sale] natural hemp bedding
  • [sample sale] natural hemp bedding

[sample sale] natural hemp bedding

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100% hemp, OEKO-TEX certified

Note: these products are on sample sale and will be shipped within 2-3 business days. If you don't find the size you need, you can order any size from the permanent collection.

Rested on after long days, heads laid as thoughts give way. This pillowcase; a place for morning coffees in shafts of sunlight, for making day plans, a comfort on darker nights, the last point of surrender to sleep after the day. 

Tucked in lovingly the night before, then left as a messy nest the morning after - the bed where life's natural rhythm takes shape. This duvet is perfect for daytime naps, before bedtime reading or some much deserved afternoon delight. Its corner ties make dressing the bed even easier and stop nighttime wrestles. Bedtime, a true pleasure.

Laid fresh on unmade beds, tucked and folded in corners. These sheets are to lay on for years - soft breathable and totally resting, they can be used as ground sheets or light weight covers on hotter nights. 

Held in place, neat and tidy and ready for rest. These sheets have extra strong elastic, holding them in place so no middle of the night struggles with sheet slippage.